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Admission to HWIS is open to families of all nationalities. To ensure that the best possible educational environment is maintained for our students, the following admissions policy and procedure have been established.

Admission procedure

※School tour (Reservation Needed) ※Interview / SHW  (※Get application Form)

※(3days Trial)

※Receive payment notice and application Form

※Submit application form and payment receipt

※ Individual Material preparation

※Receive the Material and explanation ※First Day of school

  • The purpose of our school tour and our interview is to examine a potential student’s English skills, physical and social maturity (especially for younger children), age requirement, parent’s ability to support the child’s progress at home and ensuring HWIS philosophy and programs match parents’ educational beliefs and aspiration.
  • An individual conference shall be conducted by HWIS English teachers to evaluate English skill and level.


 入学について (新入生)

HWISでは様々な国のご家族を受け入れています。 生徒たちの為に可能な限りベストな教育環境を維持していく為に、次の様な入学方針そして手順があります。


※スクールツアー(要予約) ※インタビュー/ SHW ~ ※願書受け渡し





※支払い / スクールマネージャーへ電話連絡

※スクール初日 教材引渡し





2016-17年度 年齢資格 (2010年4月~2014年3月)


Admissions criteria

SHWKindergarteners:(Super Happy Wonders)
Children must be able to interact positively with both children and teachers, have an appropriate degree of self-control and listening skills, and be fully toilet-trained prior to entry. enrollment may be accepted outside this requirement depending on certain circumstances in the student’s family, home country, abilities and past school experience.

Prospective parents may schedule a tour of the 
facility by contacting the Preschool at:
Prospective parents may visit during the
Preschool day and learn about the
school's educational philosophy.
Tours begin at 9:30 a.m.

Reservations are required.  

Inquiry Form