3days Trial Package

プリスクール、キンダー、AK, AEクラスに入園の希望者には事前に3日間の有料トライアルを設けています。実際クラスに参加して、お子様の様子を見ます。トライアル終了後に登録いただいた場合、料金は全額返金致します。(登録時の費用から返金致します。

LHWクラス 時間
9:00〜10:50 対象年齢:
1歳半〜3歳 料金:
¥5,000 ※その他保険料

A K/AE クラス 時間
16:00〜17:00/ 17:00〜18:00
対象年齢: 幼稚園 ・小学生  料金: ¥6,000

HDWクラス 時間
対象年齢:1歳半〜4歳 ・4歳〜6歳 料金: ¥15,000



If you are interested in joining our school, you may apply for  an initial free 30 minute trial lesson, Please submit the inquiry form in our admission page to give us more information about your needs and interests regarding HWIS Classes .after 30minute free trial day we will ask you to join our 3days trial package. The purpose of having this trial period is to see how the child interacts with the new environment as well as establish a foundation to grow on should you choose to join our school. The fee for the 3 day trial will be refunded in full at the time of registration, should you choose to join. You will get a true sense of a “Day in the Life of HWIS” and are encouraged to bring your children along as well.The tours take place at 9:30am during term time and bookings in advance are required as places are limited due to the classes` capacity. Tours take approximately 1 hour with an opportunity to ask questions during and at the end of the tour. During the 3 day trial, your child can either bring their lunch or you may order school lunch. Our school lunch costs 330¥. we will send you an invoice by FAX or e-mail. Also please be sure to write your child's name on all of their belongings. Also please understand that sometimes it is not possible to reserve the dates you request. Please if you would like to know more about our trial packages do not hesitate to call us at 046-264-6160 。

LHW Class
1year old and half to 3 years-old:
¥5,000 refundable after registration
¥1,000 insurance fee

A K/AE Class
16:00〜17:00/ 17:00〜18:00
¥6,000 refundable after registration¥1,000 insurance fee

HDW Class
1year and half〜4years-old ¥15,000
※¥1,000 insurance fee


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