Education is a fundamental human right for everyone.


Half Day Wonders (HDW)

Half Day Wonders gives your child multiple opportunities to enjoy a day of learning and fun. HDW has two programs, one geared toward preschool students(HDP) and the other is designed for our kindergarten class(HDK). ハーフデイワンダーズはプリスクールのためのハーフデイともう1つキンダーのためのハーフデイがあります。このプログラムでは読み、算数、サイエンス、社会科、英語などを通して楽しく学びです。特にハーフデイキンダーは小学校の準備に適したスケジュールとなっています。


Full Day Wonders (FDW)

Full Day Wonders (FDW) is our full time course which is more than just child care.  Our students learn and complete the same activities as our HDW class, but continue their education after HDW ends.  This class could be beneficial for those kids whose parents may have to work into the evening. FDWクラスでは、経験豊富な専門の外国人講師が、お子様の発達段階に合わせ一人一人に対応したカリキュラムをご提供します。


After School / アフタスクール

After Kinder (AK) is an hour long English lesson for kids who go to other schools. They are introduced to daily topics, phonics, as well as other things to give them a sound foundation for speaking, reading, listening, and writing in English. After Elementary (AE) is an hourly lesson that introduces kids to English who may not have access to English otherwise (Beginner Class) or helps those who have graduated to elementary school to maintain and continue to expand their English ability (Advanced class).


Weekend Wonders / 土曜日

Weekend Wonders (WW) is a special program on Saturdays designed for children who are already attending kindergarten or school on weekdays and have little or no access to learn in an English speaking environment. The program contents are similar to that of our weekday lessons in that during the five hour period, kids get to experience dance, art, cooking among other things all in English. WWは、土曜日に行われる特別プログラムで 、平日、幼稚園や他の学校に通っていて長い時間英語の環境にいる事の出来ないお子様の為のプログラムです。