Physical Education 運動

Our physical education program includes gym, swimming, gymnastics and Karate. We provide an amazing environment to have fun while building confidence, physical capability, and social skills! 


Soccer (サッカー)


Having fun is the priority thing for playing soccer!

Our internationally experienced coaches with fully certified FA coaching license provide children opportunities to play active roles in the global perspective by promoting to use healthy mind and body, soccer skill, and social skill.

Swimming (スイミング)


We escort students to the sports gym for swimming lessons. It is important to introduce swimming at an early age.  You will notice improved coordination skills, strength, endurance, and lung capacity.  Let’s go swimming with friends!

Water Play (水遊び)

夏の間は水遊びを楽しみます。We have fun with water play during summer.


Gym (ジム)


We instruct students about the rules of games and sports techniques that are based on our gym program. We enjoy many kinds of sports, such as kick ball, Frisbee, soccer and jump rope. Parents have chances to join the activities on Open Gym Day!

Gymnastics (体操)


It is important to know how to use your muscles and stretch to make our bodies flexible and well balanced. Starting gymnastics at a young age helps to feel confident during physical education class when the student enrolls in elementary school.

Karate (空手)


We welcome a karate instructor from a dojo to teach karate. Students learn kindness, manners, and spirit through Japanese martial arts.

Park (公園)


We have fun not only playing at a playground and sandpit but also playing tag, jogging and doing stretches at the beautiful spacious park.


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Kanagawa, Japan

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