New families at HWIS must pay the following fees:
1. Registration Fee
2. Enrolment Fee
3. Facility Maintenance Fee
4. Tuition Fee (for the current term)

The Registration Fee and Enrolment Fee are both non-refundable, one-time payments. The Facility Maintenance Fee is a non-refundable, annual payment. Tuition fees (and the aforementioned fees) must be paid in advance before your child’s first day of attendance. We cannot guarantee a seat for your child if you fail to make your payment by the deadline, but exceptions can be made in special circumstances.

If your child enrolls at HWIS after a term has started, tuition fees will be calculated from the first day of the month in which your child begins attending. 

All fees must be paid by bank transfer either from an account in the name of the registered parent or guardian or from another account the name of which has been notified to the school by the registered parent or guardian in advance in writing. The School will not accept payment of fees in cash.

Parents and companies are responsible for all bank transfer charges when remitting payments to the school.

(FDP) Full Day Preschool フルデイプリスクール

1歳半~4歳 / 1½ ~4 years old / 9:00am~6:00pm (8 am~7 pm)

(FDK) Full Day Kinder 年中フルデイキンダー

4~6歳 / 4 ~ 6 years old / 9:00am~6:00pm (8 am~7 pm)

(HDP) Half Day Preschool ハーフデイプリスクール

1歳半~4歳 / 1½ ~4 years old / 9:00am~15:00pm

(HDK) Half Day Kinder ハーフデイキンダー

4~6歳 / 4 ~ 6 years old / 9:00am~15:00pm

(EQ) English Quest イングリッシュクエスト

4歳~ /4 years old ~ / 4:00pm~6:00pm

After Elementary AE アフタースクール 

6歳~10歳  小学生対象 6 years old ~ 5:00pm~6:00pm

HWIS aims to maintain a fee structure that allows students from various socio-economic backgrounds to enter the school so that an international education is not restricted only to those who are more fortunate; however, as the school is a not-for-profit educational institution that relies almost entirely on annual school fees to cover operating expenses, tuition and other fees are adjusted periodically (usually every three years). Before adjustments are made, notification will be given as far in advance as possible. All fees on this page are indicated in Japanese yen and not tax included.

給食費 330円/日額 (お弁当の持参も可です。)
The above-mentioned charge will not include tax.
Tuition payments can be paid in either three months, Half year or Yearly installments.
Discounts will be given to those who pay in half-year or yearly installments.
Due to class restrictions on size, please understand that there is a limit on those who can make a yearly payment.
There are discounts provided if you register your child for two or more classes.
Siblings that register for classes will receive a sibling discount for up to 50% depending for the number of siblings registered.
In case of a change in classes, additional fee maybe applied according to the differences in the class fee.
The charge for school lunch is 330 yen / daily amount (you may also prepare your child’s lunch.)

 ※Children who don’t registered for regular class, need to pay for enrollment.




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